correspondence of King Brommius VI

This letter was discovered in the ruins of Galadorn by Krolar Mithralfist Kettlegard in Bloomfury 2665 CE.

Bloomfury 9, 2633 CE

To His Most Honored and Respected Majesty, King Jolar Mithralfist of Clan Mithralfist:

Might King Jolar, it saddens me to think of the rift with the dwarves of Clan Hammerforge your people have endured for all these centuries.  Though relations between our two nations have been little more than perfunctory, I know kith and kin come first among our dwarven companions.

I have news that may be of interest to you in light of recent events.  Aerlynn's understanding of the situation is that your clan was entrusted centuries ago to guard the secret entrance to Thrazduhr-kahl, your ancient homeland, from an attacking goblin horde.  Having supposedly failed in your duties, your clan was banished from the city by the Hammerforges.

However, I have recently learned that cultists of the evil goddess Tiamat have arisen within my kingdom and seek to topple my family's reign.  Interrogation of one of their insidious agents revealed that the Cult of Tiamat was, in fact, responsible for the goblin infiltration into Thrazduhr-kahl all those centuries ago.  A dwarf among your ranks, who had turned to the Dark Lady of Avarice's evil ways, betrayed your kin and allowed the goblins entry into the halls of your home.  It was through no fault of your own that the dwarven citadel suffered at the hands of goblins that day, but only by the machinations of this dastardly cult.

I hope this news brings you some measure of peace.  As a scion of Bahamut, I feel compelled to relate this news to you, and know that I would gladly send my second son, Sirrinus, to your lands to hlep testify on your behalf before the Hammerforges.  Thrazduhr-kahl now lies in ruins all these centuries later, but perhaps this mending of relations between the clans may start to mend the walls of your once-great city.

Yours in faith and honor,

King Brommius VI, King of Aerlynn, Lord of Galadorn, Wielder of the Drakebow 


correspondence of King Brommius VI

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