Cult of Tiamat

Considered a full-fledged religion during the Previous Eon, the Cult of Tiamat is the remnant of this faith in the Current Eon.  It is a group dedicated to returning the worship of Tiamat to Annoril, and to bringing forth the power of the Dark Lady of Avarice into the world.

Worship of Tiamat came to prominence during the final centuries of the Previous Eon, during the decline of the empire of Arkhosia and its war with Bael Turath.  Tiamat's religion became an alternative to those who became disillusioned by the constant warfare and the failing state overseen by worshippers of Bahamut.  The evil goddess' followers had infiltrated the upper echelons of leadership and betrayed the capital city of Dendrith to the tielflings and demonspawn of Bael Turath.

The religion of Tiamat came to an abrupt end at the juncture between the Previous and Current Eons.  Most of her followers perished in the catclysm that formed the Great Divide.  However, a staunch few remained to carry on the faith and pass down the Eye of Tiamat to the worthy scions of evil.  A secret cult rose from the ruin of the Previous Eon and slowly gained momentum for two millenia.

Over the centuries, the Cult of Tiamat grew in power and influence and currently have overt plans to restore its former glory imminently.  The Cult appears to have several goals, several of which may be related:

  1. Restore the religion of Tiamat in Annoril
  2. Rediscover the lost kingdom of Arkhosia
  3. Make the followers of Bahamut suffer for past transgressions
  4. Establish a kingdom which they can rule in Tiamat's name
  5. Recover the Unholy Codex
  6. Recover the Eye of Tiamat

There seem to be ranks within the cult that mirror the strength of the chromatic dragons.  The Red Army is thought to be the strongest and are often seen in their familiar draconic masks and red robes.  Among its more prominent members are Red Drakecaptain Phlegethon and Black Wyrmsergeant Golbagh, the former responsible for subduing the Broken Kingdom and the latter for discovering the location of the Unholy Codex.

In recent times, the Cult of Tiamat is known to have destroyed the Ergrenfore, Thrazduhr-kahl, and seeded the destruction of the kingdom of Aerlynn.  Phlegethon admitted to the above acts in his letters to Avalokitasharan.  The Cult had infiltrated the upper ranks of the Broken Kingdom's nobility, having converted Fringol to their faith.  The PCs also recently discovered the existence of the Wyrmfang in the Broken Kingdom, a group long thought to be extinct.

The Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom convinced the members of the Second Grand Council to outlaw worship of Tiamat in Wellspring 2665 CE. 

Cult of Tiamat

Cult of Tiamat

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