Deck of Many Things

This artifact consists of a deck of elaborately decorated metal tarot cards.  The back of each card depicts a platinum dragon and a red dragon consuming each other's tail.  The front of each card shows a symbol representing the nature of the fortune being told by the wielder.

Considered an agent of chaos, the Deck makes its way into the world to foil the the epic plans of powerful beings for good or ill.  It is thought that the Deck made an appearance during the Previous Eon shortly before the downfall of Arkhosia and Bael Turath

The Deck of Many Things was first seen at the Second Grand Council.  It was used by The Fortune Teller, who predicted great riches for the commoners of the Broken Kingdom while subtly influencing them to perform evil acts to acquire wealth.  Merciless learned that one such commoner was told he would come upon a sum of coins, whereupon he stole a coin purse from a sleeping child.

The Deck was later seen to be in the possession of Gruffudd Ap Llewlyn, who was gifted the artifact by the Fortune Teller, who mysteriously appeared to him in the throne room of King Brommius VI in Galadorn after defeating Falgros.

Deck of Many Things

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