Everdark Wood

This forest in the Broken Kingdom lies between the Duchy of Thrynn and the Barony of Obardyr, just south of the town of Outpost.  It is a rich, verdant wood consisting mostly of old, large oak and ash trees.

The Rannmere River flows through the forest, originating in The Spikes at the center of the wood.

The Everdark Wood is home to many dangerous monsters, including displacer beasts and manticores that sometimes descend from The Spikes in search of prey.  Several roving bands of elves also make their home in the forest.  Eladrin once lived there as well, though they departed for the Feywild upon the arrival of Avalokitasharan in 2632 CE.  It is thought that a portal to the Feywild and the grand eladrin city of [[Tal'mellryn]] still exists deep in the forest.

The citizens of Outpost have reached an accord with the elves that roam its depths regarding logging privileges.  The town has a logging camp just within the border of the Everdark Wood.  Aside from this site, humans are not permitted by the elves to wander the forest, a rule which the humans abide by regardless since it is a dangerous place.


Everdark Wood

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