A minor prince of the House of Aerlynn, Falgros stole the Drakebow under the influence of the Cult of Tiamat, leaving Galadorn susceptible to the attack of Avalokitasharan and destroying the kingdom of Aerlynn.

Falgros was the son of the third cousin of Brommius VI and considered a wastrel by all who knew him.  He was to have received a manor upon reaching maturity, which had been considered a birthright.  However, King Brommius had decided to scale back the traditional means of acquiring lands among the nobility, instead turning to a more merit-based system.  Falgros was denied his manor house and left seething with rage.

Noticing his ire, cultists of Tiamat poisoned his mind against the monarchy and urged him to seek retribution by stealing the Drakebow and delivering it to Lava Bite.  He did so, enduring great pain from the weapon that would not allow itself to be touched by anyone but the true wielder.  Upon presenting the bow to the dragon, she promptly devoured Falgros in early 2633 CE.

The minor prince's soul wandered the world for several years torn by anguish and a sense of betrayal.  Falgros' undead body finally returned to the ruins of Galadorn.  The undead usurper took in death what he could not in life and became the abandoned castle's lord.  For more than 20 years Falgros commanded the remaining undead creatures and worked dark, necromantic magic.

Falgros mastered a ritual that would convert the energy from souls into a necrotic whirlwind that gave him immense power.  The Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom eventually destroyed the necrotic vortex and Falgros in Bloomfury 2665 CE.


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