Galadorn is a haunted castle-city built into the side of the Cloudcrown Mountains on the eastern edge of the Broken Kingdom.  The former capital of the kingdom of Aerlynn and seat of its ruling house, the site for many years remained a ruin haunted by the ghosts of those who died there at the hands of Avalokitasharan on Bloomfury 10, 2633 CE.

Galadorn is a city of three tiers, each one a successively smaller semi-circle with the castle-proper lying at the top level.  The first tier was occupied primarily by working-class citizens and tradesmen.  It was the site of the largest marketplaces and the bulk of commerce, in addition to barracks and various military holdings.  The second tier served as the home for middle-class residents and prominent merchants, in addition to religious buildings and the mysterious House of Gloaming.  The third was the home of nobility and only the finest elements of business, such as notable jewelers.

Just before Brommius VI perished at the hands of Avalokitasharan, he uttered the Prophecy of Ascension, which stipulates the cleansing of the ghosts that would terrorize the ruins of Galadorn.

The area surrounding Galadorn is cloaked by a permanent shadow.  This darkness stretches about in a semicircle for many miles around the ruins of the castle, creating a large taboo zone in which the citizens of Alyryn refuse to settle.  It is said that only by cleansing the castle of the undead spirits will the land be habitable again.

The kobolds of the Severed Head Clan came to roost in the lower reaches of the abandoned Galadorn over the course of a thirty-year period.  Aside from these creatures, the city had no living residents and remained a ruined monument until decades later. 

On Bloomfury 11, 2665 CE, the Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom entered Galadorn in order to destroy the undead in order to advance Krestia's case for succession to the throne of Aerlynn.  Galadorn lay in ruins, but they encountered many ghosts there, including the spirit of King Brommius VI and his three sons: Caldorus, Sirrinus and Lorenus.  The Five Dragons destroyed the evil undead incarnation of Falgros, thereby cleansing the ruined castle and fulfilling the second part of the Prophecy.  The dark cloud circle immediately gave way on Bloomfury 15 and had virtually vanished by Bloomfury 24, allowing the surrounding lands to become habitable once more.

As a show of strength, on the night before the Battle of the Broken Kingdom, Krestia had Virinus dispatch a small group of soldiers to Galadorn as an occupying force.  Accompanied by the old steward Mullins, the soldiers arrived after ten days and flew the old symbol of Aerlynn from the ruined battlements once more.  As of Longsun 2665 CE, the rebuilding effort in Galadorn had begun and was in full swing.

Avalokitasharan's Ire


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