Mages Guild

The Mages Guild of Korgan boasts fourteen members, with dozens more associate members scattered throughout the southern continent of Annoril.

The Guild's primary concern is the documentation of the work of all arcanists throughout Annoril in an effort to create an index of all their important research and discoveries.  The Guild strives to create a constantly updated directory that allows wizards to contact each other and collaborate more effectively.

The Mages Guild also performs magical services for a steep fee on a contract basis, and works with Korgan's militia to defend the city from invaders. 

Becoming a member of the Mages Guild requires the upfront sum of 300 gold pieces, donation to the library (a ritual scroll or treatise on some arcane matter), a reference letter from an established arcanist, and a demonstration of magical ability.  Members are allowed access to the Guild's archives and directory.

Mages Guild

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