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Annoril is a large continent separated into two roughly equal land masses by the Great Divide, a tremendous chasm formed during a monumental cataclysm over two thousand years ago.  The northern half of Annoril is largely wild and untamed, rife with difficult terrain and roving bands of monsters.  What civilization exists here is few and far between.  The southern half is more civilized and contains several large kingdoms and empires.  The most imporant of these is the empire of Pillennium, whose capital city Nine Spires is the largest commercial and cultural center in Annoril.

Getting Started: A Brief Synopsis of the Plot

The current campaign began in the town of Outpost in the Broken Kingdom, where the PCs learned of a band of goblin raiders led by a red dragon named Lava Bite.  After traveling to the Duchy of Thrynn, the party learned of a vast conspiracy being undertaken by the Cult of Tiamat to recover the Unholy Codex and use it to dastardly ends.

You can read about the PCs' (mis)adventures here.  You can also read the description of Annoril's calendar.

Main Page

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