The Barony of Obardyr is one of the principalities of the Broken Kingdom.  It lies to the north of the freetown of Outpost along Freeman's Road, and south of the Trackless Waste.

This barony is ruled by the Baron of Obardyr, who presides over the region from its ornate castle on the western shore of Blackwaters.  The Forest of Pholtun also lies within the Barony's borders, and provides the timber on which the principality relies for trade.

Obardyr's crest is that of a crowned silver lion, in profile, on a blue field.

Sir Athis was the Baron of Obardyr's man in Outpost, whose job it was to sway Burgomaster “Woodfoot” Burkins to agree to have the town annexed by the barony.  Obardyr was in conflict with the Duchy of Thrynn over the annexation of Outpost.  However, Sir Athis won control of the town for the Baron as he convinced Gruffud ap Llewelyn to cede control during the town's rebuilding effort.

The Barony is also at odds with the Earldom of Alyryn over the freetown of Wavemeet.  While the conflict in Outpost was mostly political, both the Baron of Obardyr and the Earl of Alyryn have deployed troops to Wavemeet in anticipation of a military engagement.

Roughly 50% of the Barony's holdings were given to the new monarchy of Aerlynn after it was defeated in the Battle of the Broken Kingdom


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