Outpost is a small town of about 250 residents that lies on Freeman's Road in the Broken Kingdom.  The town recently came under the jurisdiction of the Barony of Obardyr.



The town is geographically small and lies where the Rannmere River meets Rannmere Lake, just north of the Everdark Wood, east of the Wildlands and just west of the Ghaerlun Hills.  It is a popular stopping point for travelers going between the Duchy of Thrynn and the Barony of Obardyr.  Outpost has gained notoriety as a waystation between these two petty kingdoms.




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Outpost was founded in the year 2517 CE by caravaners traveling between the burgeoning principalities of Thrynn and Obardyr.  They erected The Satyr's Delight as a waystation for weary traders.  A town soon formed around it and the population stabilized around 250 citizens.  Outpost remained a freetown (i.e. unincorporated by any principality of the Broken Kingdom) for its entire history until Furrow 21, 2664 CE.  On that day, the bard Gruffud Ap Llewlyn, having legally secured emergency powers from Woodfoot, formally transferred power to the Barony of Obardyr.



The town of Outpost is governed by the Barony of Obardyr.  Sir Athis serves as its temporary lord.


Conflict Between Thrynn and Obardyr

The town was under attempts of annexation by both the Duchy of Thrynn and the Barony of Obardyr.  However, only the hereditary Burgomaster could render a decision of political alliance.  Despite Woodfoot's mental deficiencies, both Sir Roylan and Sir Athis tirelessly attempt to sway him to their point of view.  The townsfolk seemed content to ignore the two diplomats until the arrival of the PCs and the machinations of Gruffud ap Llewelyn.


Recent Events

Outpost was razed by the red dragon Avalokitasharan on Valiant 9, 2664 CE.  The dragon abducted Neela Brightwater and killed Sgt. Bertram while he tried to defend the poor halfling.  More than half the buildings and outlying farms were destroyed in the conflict, as well as a good portion of the population.  During the rebuilding effort, Gruffud ap Llewelyn used his magic to convince Woodfoot to sign over authority to the bard.  Once the rebuilding effort was completed, Gruffud signed over authority of the town to the Barony of Obardyr, to the dismay of his party members and Sir Roylan.

Outpost after Lava Bite's Wrath


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