Second Grand Council

The Second Grand Council was proposed by Amblewort Eaglecrest, the Duke of Thrynn on Phalanx 15, 2665 CE.  The Duke's purpose in summoning the Council was twofold:

The Second Grand Council was conceived on the premise of the first Grand Council, the last time the Broken Kingdom's nobility met as a group roughly thirty years prior.  Thrynn's lord deemed the necessity of the Second Grand Council based on the research done by the PCs in the library of Neireus.

The Council was to be held in the same field outside the castle of the Earldom of Alyryn as the first Grand Council.  Lord Amblewort decided to start the Council and ventured forth to the area in the hopes the rest of the nobility would be pressured into attending. In the days leading up to the Second Grand Council, the PCs ventured forth to the city of Highridge, where they began to spread word of the Council's occurrence and purpose.  In late Phalanx 2665 CE, they undertook a campaign to convince Sir Worsley and Lady Verin to convince the Earl of Alyryn and the Margrave of Byrwyll, respectively, to attend the Second Grand Council.  After the Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom successfully aided in these tasks, the majority of the nobles agreed to attend, forcing the other two, the Baron of Obardyr and the Elector of Wynhall, to attend as well.

The Second Grand Council officially convened on Deluge 3, 2665 CE.  Over the course of the first thirty days, the Council heard petitioners from all sorts of advocacy groups across the Broken Kingdom and points beyond.  Among the petitioners were Divryn Eresith and Coric representing the eladrins of Mithrandein.  They warned that the Dark Mistress had sent an agent into this world to retrieve the Unholy Codex for her own evil purposes.

The Five Dragons managed to convince the Council to outlaw worship of Tiamat in the Broken Kingdom.  However, they were unable to convince all the nobles to accept Krestia's claim to the throne.  The Second Grand Council ruled that she must first fulfill the Prophecy of Ascension before considering her claim.  The Five Dragons also convinced a few nobles of other causes they were pursuing.  Merciless swayed Vatis Underwood to help discover Arkhosia in the Trackless Waste, while Krolar Mithralfist Kettlegard convinced Sallinous Raemyr to help defeat the Avalanche Enclave and save Clan Mithralfist from ruin.

The Second Grand Council continued while the Five Dragons ventured to Galadorn to fulfill the second task of the Prophecy. When the darkness surrounding Galadorn began to dissipate, indicating that the Five Dragons had been successful, the Council dissolved with Vatis Underwood, Tiberius Manathourn, and Thune Fanesworn withdrawing and forming an alliance against Lords Amblewort and Raemyr.  This led to the Battle of the Broken Kingdom and the restoration of the kingdom of Aerlynn with Krestia installed as head of state. 

Second Grand Council

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