The Duchy of Thrynn is a principality of the Broken Kingdom.  It is ruled by the Duke of Thrynn and lies to the south of the Everdark Wood along Freeman's Road.

The Duchy's land is dominated by The Faermere.  Many towns and villages exist throughout the Duchy, though the Duke's castle and capital lies along the eastern bank of the lake, where it accepts the River of Rochefort.

The walled city's keep is sharp and angular, and contains many battlements and crenellations designed purely for functionality.  There is little aesthetically pleasing about the castle, save for the numerous faded and worn banners that adorn the outer walls and bear the crest of the Duchy.

Thrynn's crest depicts a golden eagle on a red field.  One claw is holding a spear, while the other is holding a laurel wreath.

Thrynn's wagons were under constant attack by the goblins of the Crimson Axe Clan while traveling through Outpost.  The PCs investigated the disturbance, which led them into a fight with the dragon Lava Bite.  Among her treasure horde, the PCs found a stack of 200 copper trade bars each stamped with the crest of Thrynn.

Sir Roylan was the Duke of Thrynn's man in Outpost.  His job was to convince the populace to join with the Duchy.  However, he failed as Gruffud ap Llewelyn, who assumed full control of the town during its rebuilding effort, signed authority over to the Barony of Obardyr.

Minor towns of some significance in Thrynn include Myranom and Olnyth, both of which were rescued from various threats by the PCs.


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