The Electorate of Wynhall is a principality of the Broken Kingdom.  It is bordered by the Cloudcrown Mountains on the east, The Swiftflow on the north, Blackwaters on the west, and the Vailin River on the south.

This principality is governed by the Elector of Wynhall, who resides in his capital on the eastern shores of Blackwaters.  Wynhall boasts the largest naval force in the Broken Kingdom, with ten frigates on Blackwaters and many smaller, rapid-deployment craft that ferry soldiers up and down its bordering rivers.  The electorate also owns many fishing boats that ply their trade in these waters.

The Electorate was created in 1498 CE by the king of Aerlynn, who granted the land to his first cousin.  Wynhall has changed ruling dynasties four times since then.  The current noble family is distantly related to the old royal family of Aerlynn.

Wynhall's crest contains a black wolf's head on a yellow field. 



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