Bloomfury 14, 2665 CE

The Prince and Former Heir

The ghost of Laria
  • The Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom enter the third tier of Galadorn where they find the ruined houses of the rich and noble
  • Castle gate is blocked off by glowing blue wall; next to it is a squat guard tower
  • Party explores a large, intact noble house bearing the crest of Aerlynn; inside they discover the ghost of Laria, who seems unaware she is dead and awaits Caldorus' return; Gruffudd Ap Llewlyn spots a material locket around her spectral form
  • Group goes to the tower by the gate and battles the undead form of Caldorus; they finally defeat him and his royal guard minions
  • Group leads Caldorus' redeemed spirit back to Laria; the two embrace and are able to rest in the afterlife; the locket is left behind and the party claims it
  • While resting for the evening, Krestia hears and barely sees a figure walking about bearing heavy chains and walking very slowly


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