Bloomfury 15, 2665 CE

Confronting the Traitor

  • The Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom proceed into the castle on the highest level of Galadorn; the ghostly blue wall disappears as they approach
  • As they enter the castle, they hear metal scraping against stone; they see a ghost ahead turn a corner; the ghost leads them through the castle to the top of a blasted tower
  • The ghost reveals himself as King Brommius VI; the tower is where he fell to Avalokitasharan over 30 years prior
  • Brommius warns the group that Falgros is in the throne room and controls all the souls in Galadorn through a necrotic vortex, from which he derives his power
  • The Five Dragons venture to the throne room where they encounter Falgros and his zombie minions
  • They destroy the necrotic vortex, releasing all the trapped souls and Falgros' strength diminishes
  • The battle concludes in the throne room with the Five Dragons emerging victorious and slaying the traitor Falgros
  • A bright silver bolt of energy pierces the sky and the cloud cover hovering over the land starts to dissipate; morning sunshine floods the area for the first time in 3 decades
  • Krolar Mithralfist Kettlegard discovers a letter from King Brommius VI to the dwarves of Clan Mithralfist that exonerates them from supposed past misdeeds
  • King Brommius appears and warns the party that war is brewing among the members of the Second Grand Council; group departs immediately
  • En route they retrieve Aldeng Hammerforge and Mullins, who has been nursed back to health; Aldeng mentions Sweetie Palin had run off to steal back a statue they never should have sold


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