Bloomfury 26, 2665 CE

An Attempt at Peace

The curse is lifted from Galadorn
  • The group arrives at the Second Grand Council to find the five principalities arrayed against each other across an open battlefield
  • The Duchy of Thrynn and the Margravate of Byrwyll are camped together on the south side of the field, while the Electorate of Wynhall, the Barony of Obardyr and the Earldom of Alyryn are camped together on the north side
  • The party approaches the south camp and speaks with Amblewort Eaglecrest and Sallinous Raemyr, who report that 10 days ago, when the silver light emitted from Galadorn, the nobles knew that the Five Dragons had succeeded and were reluctant to give up their power to the new monarchy; the Elector of Wynhall was the first to leave, followed by the Baron of Obardyr the following day and the Earl of Alyryn the day after that; the Margrave of Byrwyll stayed after having been convinced of the cause by the Five Dragons during the Second Grand Council
  • Lords Amblewort and Raemyr urge the group to visit the opposing forces on a peace mission to avert war, which would devastate the Broken Kingdom
  • Party agrees and visits Virinus at the front lines; he is skeptical of peace, but urges the adventurers to gather intel on the enemies' forces; the group agrees
  • The Five Dragons enter the camp, but are unable to sway the other nobles diplomatically; the elector Vatis Underwood seems to be in charge of things
  • Krestia notices a man among the ranks of Obardyr's soldiers that resembles the description they had of Red Drakecaptain Phlegethon; the group gathers valuable intel on the enemy forces
  • Group returns to their camp; Krestia visits the Old Man With The Canaries and gains some wisdom from him
  • Group plots a raid on the enemy camp later that night to kill/capture Phlegethon


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