Longsun 28, 2665 CE

A Merciless Inquisition

  • Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom depart the Silver Raven for the Mages Guild
  • Arannis and Gruffudd Ap Llewlyn join the Guild and are given access to the archives
  • Group learns that Jovaris was the court wizard of Aerlynn about 100 years ago and created the teleportation circles between Korgan and his kingdom; Jovaris was searching for a paladin of Bahamut by the name of Valomir, who went missing in the Holoroon Marsh while he searched for his friend Dao Cheng, who had also gone missing; Valomir carried a large book with him at all times that he guarded very closely
  • During their time studying the Guild archives, Alethea asks Merciless why he didn't respond to Gruffudd's sending ritual when he had been abducted; Merciless responds that he didn't receive the sending; Gruffudd determines there's no reason he shouldn't have and secretly attempts another sending, which fails
  • The party ventures to Korgan's small church of Bahamut to discover more about Valomir; they learn from the resident priest-captain that Valomir was the First Blade of the Holy Order of the Crusader and the right hand of the then Abbott Marshall
  • During their time at the church, Gruffudd challenges Merciless to debate the finer points of church doctrine with the priest-captain; Merciless shiftily excuses himself from the conversation and goes to an outhouse
  • Krolar Mithralfist Kettlegard kicks down the door of the outhouse to reveal a doppelganger inside; the party captures the imposter and questions him
  • The doppelganger reveals himself as Veln; a crazy gnome by the name of Simon and carrying an orb of immense power hired the guild to discover more about the Unholy Codex and eliminate the Five Dragons
  • Veln also reveals that Merciless is being held captive by the guild in the Dancing Dryad
  • Veln gives this information in exchange for passage to Aerlynn; however, Gruffudd arranges for Virinus to arrest him upon arrival
  • Party heads to the Dancing Dryad and is intercepted by Slick who claims to be from a group known as the Iron Spear, headed by the deva Ulana; Alethea reveals she knows Ulana from her past
  • Slick joins the group on their quest to free Merciless in an effort to curry their favor on behalf of the Iron Spear
  • Group enters the Dancing Dryad and creates a diversion allowing them to enter a restricted area
  • Five Dragons fight a group of guards at the top of the stairs and defeat them
  • After several trap-filled corridors and many guards, the party finally discovers Merciless and rescues him; a wizard that works for the guild promises to help them escape if they let him live
  • The wizard leads the group through a secret passage into an alley near the Dancing Dryad; Slick kills the wizard so he is not alerted to the presence of the Iron Spear and leads the party to a safehouse
  • Slick sends a message to Ulana arranging a meeting with the party; he assigns Ztim to protect them until then
  • Party rests for night at the Silver Raven; a messenger arrives instructing them to meet Ulana under a bridge the following night


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