Longsun 29, 2665 CE

A Meeting With The Mayor

Lord Mayor Baizad
  • Five Dragons awaken and are approached by a nondescript courier, who tells them they are summoned by Lord Mayor Baizad
  • The courier leads them through the side entrance of the mayoral palace and takes them to a small art gallery lined with eight lit alcoves, seven of which contain small marble nudes of a nymph in various poses by Clydell
  • Baizad greets them and asks them to infiltrate a haberdashery believed to be a front for the Iron Spear, who just assassinated the nobleman Toren Aerakin; the party is to acquire any evidence that would help to destroy the rebel group; in exchange, the mayor promises to allow passage through the Holoroon Marsh to the palace of Zartael the Mad
  • The party agrees, but decides to meet with Ulana first; they meet her at the appointed hour under the bridge
  • Ulana seems unreasonably driven towards her goal of overthrowing Baizad, she seems to have forsaken the ways of Avandra
  • Alethea confronts her about her wayward beliefs, but Ulana is adamant and tells them to stand out of her way while she completes her goals; she storms off with her troops
  • The group puts their heads together and recall that devas are bound to eternal reincarnation and above all they hate rakshasas and will above all else seek out to destroy them
  • Party decides to visit the haberdashery; Ztim attempts to break in, but sets off a magical trap that summons forth a demon into the store; the party defeats the demon while destroying the store
  • Gruffudd Ap Llewlyn distracts the approaching guards while the rest of the party steals documents from the office in the back
  • They attempt to flee, but are met outside by a gray-haired man who offers them sanctuary; they agree and follow him through a portal that leads them to the outskirts of the marsh and a large estate
  • The man introduces himself as Nells and takes them to his master, Lyman Aerakin, who recently succeeded his deceased father
  • Lyman explains his vineyards are beset by harpies that are destroying his business; he asks the party to dispatch them as they are outsiders and asking people within the city could make him look weak; the party agrees for the sum of 3,000 gp and 1 magical item from the famous Aerakin family vault
  • Party stays at the Aerakin estate for the night and examines the documents they acquired: there are approximately 50 documents written in a secret code
  • Gruffudd's object reading ritual tells him they were written by Ulana and the haberdasher
  • Group rests for the night


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