Umbra 6, 2664 CE

Day 99: The Death of Aldeng Hammerforge

Aldeng Hammerforge, R.I.P.

  • Party dines with Lord Amblewort in the morning; the Duke of Thrynn encourages them to ask and research any questions they may have
  • Guards escort group to Neireus' tower and urged to go to 2nd floor, and not to descend stairs; lower level of tower is off limits
  • Neireus greets the adventurers brusquely and demonstrates knowledge of his subjects
  • Gruffud Ap Llewlyn: recently cast out of Clan Gwynedd for petty thievery
  • Sweetie Palin: an even pettier scalawag who tries to hide from her heritage by dancing with halflings
  • Krestia: supposedly heir to the kingdom of Aerlynn but either incapable or unwilling to accept her destiny
  • Aldeng Hammerforge: yet another exile in the group who seeks to return glory to his family's mountain halls; but he is unaware that darker, deadlier things drove the dwarves from their home; he will suffer the same fate as his kin if he does not learn of his enemies
  • Damaso: I know not of you, but you reek of the Shadowfell and ill deeds
  • Neireus explains that he will research 1 topic for the party and they are free to use his resources to research any other questions they may have themselves
  • Neireus explains that the information they need is in the library in the lower levels, but an entropy gate was inadvertently opened there by a careless apprentice; whatever creatures now resides in the library must be eliminated and the gate closed before research can be conducted
  • Group descends to library level and defeats a group of genasi and a party of foulspawn that were occupying the library
  • Adventurers fetch Neireus and he begins casting ritual to close entropy gate
  • Party fends off creatures coming through gate to keep Neireus safe during ritual
  • A party of drow with a demon in tow emerge from the Shadowfell; they promise to kill Damaso; they bear tattoos strangely similar to his
  • Drow penetrate party's defenses and injure Neireus, disrupting his ritual and keeping the portal open
  • Demon kills Aldeng Hammerforge and howls with glee as he plunges his trident into the cleric of Bahamut's heart
  • Adventurers fight off the demon and drow and rescue Neireus from death


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