Umbra 10-11, 2664 CE
Days 103-104: In the Library

Library of Neireus

  • Adventurers spend these days in library doing research

Umbra 9, 2664 CE
Day 102: Random Task

Unholy Codex

Umbra 7-8, 2664 CE
Days 100-101: A Matter of Life and Death

Hammer of Justice

Umbra 6, 2664 CE
Day 99: The Death of Aldeng Hammerforge

Aldeng Hammerforge, R.I.P.

  • Party dines with Lord Amblewort in the morning; the Duke of Thrynn encourages them to ask and research any questions they may have
  • Guards escort group to Neireus' tower and urged to go to 2nd floor, and not to descend stairs; lower level of tower is off limits
  • Neireus greets the adventurers brusquely and demonstrates knowledge of his subjects
  • Gruffud Ap Llewlyn: recently cast out of Clan Gwynedd for petty thievery
  • Sweetie Palin: an even pettier scalawag who tries to hide from her heritage by dancing with halflings
  • Krestia: supposedly heir to the kingdom of Aerlynn but either incapable or unwilling to accept her destiny
  • Aldeng Hammerforge: yet another exile in the group who seeks to return glory to his family's mountain halls; but he is unaware that darker, deadlier things drove the dwarves from their home; he will suffer the same fate as his kin if he does not learn of his enemies
  • Damaso: I know not of you, but you reek of the Shadowfell and ill deeds
  • Neireus explains that he will research 1 topic for the party and they are free to use his resources to research any other questions they may have themselves
  • Neireus explains that the information they need is in the library in the lower levels, but an entropy gate was inadvertently opened there by a careless apprentice; whatever creatures now resides in the library must be eliminated and the gate closed before research can be conducted
  • Group descends to library level and defeats a group of genasi and a party of foulspawn that were occupying the library
  • Adventurers fetch Neireus and he begins casting ritual to close entropy gate
  • Party fends off creatures coming through gate to keep Neireus safe during ritual
  • A party of drow with a demon in tow emerge from the Shadowfell; they promise to kill Damaso; they bear tattoos strangely similar to his
  • Drow penetrate party's defenses and injure Neireus, disrupting his ritual and keeping the portal open
  • Demon kills Aldeng Hammerforge and howls with glee as he plunges his trident into the cleric of Bahamut's heart
  • Adventurers fight off the demon and drow and rescue Neireus from death

Umbra 5, 2664 CE
Day 98: Nice To Meet You (Again)


  • Party returns to Thrynn's capital and makes their way towards the castle to meet with Lord Amblewort, the Duke of Thrynn
  • Group intercepted by a furtive, cloaked messenger and led through a secret tunnel to the castle
  • Messenger reveals herself to be Reshmael, a beautiful dragonborn in the employ of Fringol
  • The duke's son introduces himself and has a pleasant conversation with the adventurers, learning what he can of them
  • Fringol suggests he may call on them in the future and alludes to the fact that he is heir to the Duchy of Thrynn
  • Reshmael urges Merciless to stay behind and discuss his goal of discovering Arkhosia; he agrees
  • Reshmael escorts the rest of the party back through the secret tunnel to the city streets
  • Group accosted by a figure from the shadows: Damaso approaches them regarding Cult of Tiamat since he seeks vengeance on them for an unnamed crime; they agree to help each other
  • Adventurers head to the castle and are escorted into the throne room; they are thanked by the Duke and given medals signifying each as a Protector of the Duchy
  • Party introduced to Fringol, who acts as if they had never met and carries himself as a fop in public
  • Group also introduced to Deacon General Meiana, who thanks them for their efforts and promotes Aldeng Hammerforge to rank of Priest Captain in the Church of Bahamut
  • Krestia locates a shrine to Melora and works to cultivate the area, rendering it a springtime garden despite the harsh Umbra weather
  • Sweetie Palin runs off to find a blacksmith
  • Party rests for night and prepares to meet Neireus the next day

Umbra 4, 2664 CE
Day 97: Back to the Castle

Rounding the Faermere

  • Party spends all day traveling back to the castle of Thrynn

Umbra 3, 2664 CE
Day 96: Ambush!

Sarkash, Cultist of Tiamat

  • Party departs Myranom for the castle of Thrynn to meet with Lord Amblewort
  • Around midday, while passing through a dense copse of trees, group is ambushed by members of Cult of Tiamat led by a powerful dragonborn warrior named Sar'kash
  • Fight ensues; Sar'kash ("Without Honor" in Draconic) promises to finish what Kash’tal could not after issuing a challenge to Merciless
  • Cultists knock down Sweetie Palin and steal her backpack containing the Eye of Tiamat; they attempt to flee
  • Adventurers defeat them and recover the Eye of Tiamat; they discover a letter on Sar'kash's body:

Furrow 28, 2664 CE


Your mission is simple: stop the interlopers who thwarted our plans with Avalokitasharan in Outpost. Destroy them at all costs and take back the Eye of Tiamat. They are more than an inconvenience and they must be slain. Soon they will uncover our plan for the Broken Kingdom and this cannot occur.

You are being tasked with that which Kash'tal could not complete. He has been called to a higher service now and seeks the remnants of lost Arkhosia for the Dark Lady of Avarice. I hope She gives Her black blessings to Kash'tal, as his role will become vital after we take the Broken Kingdom and recover the Unholy Codex.

When you have completed your mission, regroup with our Thrynn contact for further orders. Failure will result in your death at the hands of these pitiful adventurers. I pray to Tiamat that you will either succeed or suffer a painful afterlife in the Nine Hells. Now is the chance to prove your worth as you have desired all these years.

Red Drakecaptain Phlegethon

  • Party continues to the castle after the failed Cultist attack

Umbra 2, 2664 CE
Day 95: Abandoning Olnyth

The smoldering ruins of Olnyth

  • Party awakens and leads the remaining citizens of Olnyth to Myranom since town is now uninhabitable
  • Group learns from acolytes in Hall of Honor that a rider went off to warn the Duke of Thrynn of the gnoll attack
  • Adventurers rest for night and prepare to set out for Thrynn's castle the next day

Umbra 1, 2664 CE
Day 94: Grassy Gnolls

Gnoll shaman

  • Party startled awake in the morning by ringing of Hall of Honor bell tower
  • Gravely wounded rider from Olnyth and its neighboring tower near the Wildlands describes savage gnoll attack in the middle of the night; party sees thick column of smoke rising from the town and ride in that direction
  • Adventurers reach Olnyth and discover a band of gnolls eating a woman alive near a pig sty; they defeat them in a bloody battle and move further into town
  • Group discovers more gnoll savages torturing townsfolk in the town square and defeat them after much bloodshed; party informed by little boy that the gnoll chief absconded with several citizens and is hiding away in the nearby grain silo
  • Party rests for a few minutes and ventures to the grain silo; a gnoll shaman stands at the top floor and challenges the party by dropping two helpless citizens down the grain elevator shaft to their deaths; the party responds by attacking
  • A bloody fight ensues in which almost everyone is nearly killed; the adventurers manage to barely defeat the shaman and his feral minions, saving the remainder of Olnyth's populace
  • Group rests for night after helping citizens to regroup

Harvest, 2664 CE
Day 93: Cry Wolf


  • Party spends day purchasing alchemical silver from local alchemist in Myranom
  • Full moon rises in the evening
  • Group departs for circus at night; Priest-Captain Jorn approaches them down a dark alley warning that the Hall of Honor is under attack
  • Dark form leaps from the shadows and slays the Priest-Captain and bounds off
  • Group attacked by shifters and dire wolves from the circus; they defeat the attackers and rush to the Hall of Honor
  • En route to the Hall of Honor, adventurers encounter the werewolf that slew Priest-Captain Jorn; a fight ensues, during which several more shifters sneak out of the alleys and ambush the party; mysterious female dwarf with a halberd named Riswynn joins the fray; the party defeats them and makes haste to the temple of Bahamut
  • On the steps of the Hall of Honor, party finds several werewolves and a shifter attempting to batter down the doors; fight ensues and the party is victorious after a bloody fight; Riswynn disappears as quickly as she appeared
  • Group meets with remaining acolytes and informs them of Jorn's death; they are dumbfounded and seeking direction
  • Aldeng Hammerforge, along with the help of Gruffud Ap Llewlyn, casts Cure Disease ritual on Sweetie Palin, who is no longer suffering from moon frenzy; Aldeng and Krestia are still subject to the disease
  • Merciless tacks his manifesto to a column of the Hall of Honor and gains the attention of a few acolytes; one in particular seems taken with the quest to restore Arkhosia to its former glory for the sake of Bahamut
  • After securing the temple, the party makes its way to the circus to defeat the werewolves; Gruffud thinks it odd that werewolves would specifically attack the clergy of Bahamut since the two are not ideologically opposed to each other
  • Party encounters group of werewolves outside the main circus tent; short fight ensues and the lycanthropes are defeated
  • Adventurers enter tent and find strongman werewolf named Kubo; they attack him and he sets lines of pitch on fire that separate the group with a series of flaming walls; the fires burn the party, but they manage to defeat Kubo, though Aldeng nearly dies
  • Flames surge around the tent and start to burn it down
  • Group rests briefly then rushes into the next tent; they find the circus master in werewolf form with many minions; they attack
  • Party defeats the werewolves and exit the tent just in time to watch it burn to the ground
  • Adventurers discover wagon full of treasure and a letter that reads as follows:

<!- @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } ->


Longsun 13, 2664 CE

Circus Master Bandolier,

It appears we have reached an accord. The accompanying payment secures the deal: you and your pack will ravage the priests of Bahamut within the Duchy of Thrynn. In exchange, take this gold and keep whatever baubles you find in the rich halls of the Platinum Dragon.

I suggest you start west of the Faermere, where the Duchy is weakest. There are few troops and the border towns are subject to frequent gnoll attacks from the Wildlands. The guise of your circus will keep those who wish to thwart our plans at bay for some time. You will receive the final payment when the Deacon General of Thrynn is dead.

As I mentioned before, we have other forces working in concert with yours all throughout the Broken Kingdom. Our task to subvert the Broken Kingdom continues apace. You will be rewarded greatly for your efforts when we have assumed control.

Red Drakecaptain Phlegethon


  • Group rests for night at Hall of Honor after obtaining Cure Disease ritual and curing everyone of moon frenzy except for Aldeng


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