Longsun 30, 2665 CE
Into The Marsh
Holoroon Marsh
  • Party ventures forth into the Holoroon Marsh to defeat the harpies plaguing Lyman Aerakin and his estate
  • Group fights a group of trolls and narrowly defeats them
  • Adventurers come across a nest of harpies in a ruined building in a bog; the harpies attack in waves, but the group manages to fight them off and destroy them
  • During the fight, they are aided by a lizardfolk who seems to command the natural world; he introduces himself as Krisharr
  • Krisharr thanks the party for their help against the harpies; he tells them the following bits of information:
    • The many tribes of lizardfolk who resided in the marsh were scattered and mostly destroyed years ago in the conflict between Shah Benazir and Jahalia; Krisharr is wandering the swamp in search of any survivors; he asks the party to tell them to return to the Sacred Grove
    • The Shah was nearly defeated by Jahalia three years ago when a group of adventurers lured him out of his lair; he escaped and has yet to be found
    • Two years ago, the city of Korgan began to wage war against the Naga Queen even though she posed no threat to them
    • Soldiers in black garb and dragon masks have been assaulting the ruined palace of Zartael the Mad for the past two years; however, they have been stymied in their efforts by followers of Zehir who now reside there: snaketongue cultists, medusae and their yuan-ti masters
    • Krisharr knows the way to the palace of Zartael the Mad, but it is fraught with peril
  • Group returns to the Aerakin Estate with news that the harpies have been dispatched; they spend the rest of the day copying the encrypted documents via rituals
  • Sir Lyman is very pleased with the group and grants them the aid of one of his mercenaries: the human warrior Reginald joins the party and offers his protection
  • Party rests for the night at the Aerakin Estate

Longsun 29, 2665 CE
A Meeting With The Mayor
Lord Mayor Baizad
  • Five Dragons awaken and are approached by a nondescript courier, who tells them they are summoned by Lord Mayor Baizad
  • The courier leads them through the side entrance of the mayoral palace and takes them to a small art gallery lined with eight lit alcoves, seven of which contain small marble nudes of a nymph in various poses by Clydell
  • Baizad greets them and asks them to infiltrate a haberdashery believed to be a front for the Iron Spear, who just assassinated the nobleman Toren Aerakin; the party is to acquire any evidence that would help to destroy the rebel group; in exchange, the mayor promises to allow passage through the Holoroon Marsh to the palace of Zartael the Mad
  • The party agrees, but decides to meet with Ulana first; they meet her at the appointed hour under the bridge
  • Ulana seems unreasonably driven towards her goal of overthrowing Baizad, she seems to have forsaken the ways of Avandra
  • Alethea confronts her about her wayward beliefs, but Ulana is adamant and tells them to stand out of her way while she completes her goals; she storms off with her troops
  • The group puts their heads together and recall that devas are bound to eternal reincarnation and above all they hate rakshasas and will above all else seek out to destroy them
  • Party decides to visit the haberdashery; Ztim attempts to break in, but sets off a magical trap that summons forth a demon into the store; the party defeats the demon while destroying the store
  • Gruffudd Ap Llewlyn distracts the approaching guards while the rest of the party steals documents from the office in the back
  • They attempt to flee, but are met outside by a gray-haired man who offers them sanctuary; they agree and follow him through a portal that leads them to the outskirts of the marsh and a large estate
  • The man introduces himself as Nells and takes them to his master, Lyman Aerakin, who recently succeeded his deceased father
  • Lyman explains his vineyards are beset by harpies that are destroying his business; he asks the party to dispatch them as they are outsiders and asking people within the city could make him look weak; the party agrees for the sum of 3,000 gp and 1 magical item from the famous Aerakin family vault
  • Party stays at the Aerakin estate for the night and examines the documents they acquired: there are approximately 50 documents written in a secret code
  • Gruffudd's object reading ritual tells him they were written by Ulana and the haberdasher
  • Group rests for the night
Longsun 28, 2665 CE
A Merciless Inquisition
  • Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom depart the Silver Raven for the Mages Guild
  • Arannis and Gruffudd Ap Llewlyn join the Guild and are given access to the archives
  • Group learns that Jovaris was the court wizard of Aerlynn about 100 years ago and created the teleportation circles between Korgan and his kingdom; Jovaris was searching for a paladin of Bahamut by the name of Valomir, who went missing in the Holoroon Marsh while he searched for his friend Dao Cheng, who had also gone missing; Valomir carried a large book with him at all times that he guarded very closely
  • During their time studying the Guild archives, Alethea asks Merciless why he didn't respond to Gruffudd's sending ritual when he had been abducted; Merciless responds that he didn't receive the sending; Gruffudd determines there's no reason he shouldn't have and secretly attempts another sending, which fails
  • The party ventures to Korgan's small church of Bahamut to discover more about Valomir; they learn from the resident priest-captain that Valomir was the First Blade of the Holy Order of the Crusader and the right hand of the then Abbott Marshall
  • During their time at the church, Gruffudd challenges Merciless to debate the finer points of church doctrine with the priest-captain; Merciless shiftily excuses himself from the conversation and goes to an outhouse
  • Krolar Mithralfist Kettlegard kicks down the door of the outhouse to reveal a doppelganger inside; the party captures the imposter and questions him
  • The doppelganger reveals himself as Veln; a crazy gnome by the name of Simon and carrying an orb of immense power hired the guild to discover more about the Unholy Codex and eliminate the Five Dragons
  • Veln also reveals that Merciless is being held captive by the guild in the Dancing Dryad
  • Veln gives this information in exchange for passage to Aerlynn; however, Gruffudd arranges for Virinus to arrest him upon arrival
  • Party heads to the Dancing Dryad and is intercepted by Slick who claims to be from a group known as the Iron Spear, headed by the deva Ulana; Alethea reveals she knows Ulana from her past
  • Slick joins the group on their quest to free Merciless in an effort to curry their favor on behalf of the Iron Spear
  • Group enters the Dancing Dryad and creates a diversion allowing them to enter a restricted area
  • Five Dragons fight a group of guards at the top of the stairs and defeat them
  • After several trap-filled corridors and many guards, the party finally discovers Merciless and rescues him; a wizard that works for the guild promises to help them escape if they let him live
  • The wizard leads the group through a secret passage into an alley near the Dancing Dryad; Slick kills the wizard so he is not alerted to the presence of the Iron Spear and leads the party to a safehouse
  • Slick sends a message to Ulana arranging a meeting with the party; he assigns Ztim to protect them until then
  • Party rests for night at the Silver Raven; a messenger arrives instructing them to meet Ulana under a bridge the following night
Longsun 27, 2665 CE
Gateway to The Fang
  • Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom make final preparations and travel through the teleportation circle that sends them to Korgan; traveling are Gruffudd Ap Llewlyn, Krolar Mithralfist Kettlegard, Merciless, Krestia, Alethea, and Arannis
  • On the other side they find the circle to have been damaged and surrounded by undead creatures; the Five Dragons defeat them and find themselves in an arcane shop known as Smyrmans Sendings, run by the elderly Smyrman
  • Smyrman relates that the teleportation circle was built over 100 years ago by a mage named Jovaris, who was searching for his paladin friend that disappeared carrying a large book into the Holoroon Marsh
  • Five Dragons get a suite at the Silver Raven
  • Party attempts to gather information in the city's main market area
    • Lord Mayor Baizad came to power about 2 years ago after the death of Lord Mayor Timertikos
    • Baizad is never seen unless he requests an audience, though he meets with a council of nobles from time to time
    • Baizad has been known to send companies of the militia and adventurers into the Marsh, though few return and none who do are allowed to speak of the dangers they saw
    • Holoroon Marsh filled with dangers, most notably Jahalia and her minions; troops are sent to combat her forces and prevent an invasion of the city
    • Buildings of note in Korgan: Silver Raven, Flounder Pounder, Dancing Dryad
  • Group decides to investigate Jovaris in the Mages Guild and research the palace of Zartael the Mad in the library of the temple of Ioun
  • Party meets en route to the Silver Raven, attacked by members of thieves' guild; Merciless is teleported away by one of the thieves
  • Gruffudd issues a sending to Merciless, but there is no response
  • Merciless finally returns to the group seemingly out of sorts, asking lots of questions about the Unholy Codex and its supposed location
  • En route to the Silver Raven, Gruffudd attacks Merciless because he feels the dragonborn has been somehow compromised; Merciless surrenders and lays down his arms
  • Gruffudd casts an object reading ritual on Merciless' magic sword to determine if any foul play is at hand, but finds nothing
  • Group returns to the Silver Raven and spends the remainder of the night feasting and drinking
  • Party rests for the night

Longsun 8 - Longsun 26, 2665 CE
The Rebuilding Effort
  • The Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom plus Krestia's new court arrive at Galadorn
  • Chamberlain Mullins does much to help restore the castle to its former glory; enlists the aid of the troops to help rebuild
  • Neireus is formally appointed court wizard and is given the old tower of the former court wizard; he begins exploring its secrets
  • Virinus is formally appointed commander of Aerlynn's military and made ambassador to the Duchy of Thrynn
  • Gruffudd Ap Llewlyn suggests that Lord Weylon be appointed chancellor to help smooth things over with the Barony of Obardyr and to get someone capable to help administer the kingdom
  • Petitioners arrive from all corners of Aerlynn to claim property lost 30 years ago during the attack of Avalokitasharan
  • Other workers (stonemasons, architects, farmers, etc.) also arrive to help rebuild Galadorn
  • Mullins also introduces two adventurers who come to serve the new queen:
    • a tiefling cleric of Avandra by the name of Alethea
    • an eladrin wizard by the name of Arannis, who Krestia appoints to assist Neireus
  • Neireus discovers a room full of teleportation circles that have remained unused for the last 30 years; one circle leads to the city of Korgan which lies near the Holoroon Marsh, the last known location of the Unholy Codex
  • The group also learns that Sweetie Palin is now in jail within the Earldom of Alyryn, locked away for theft; she left the group several weeks ago in an effort to steal back something they never should have sold in the first place
  • Party decides to pursue the retrieval of the Codex first and prepares for their journey to Korgan
  • Krestia appoints Virinus as her regent while she is away

Bloomfury 28 - Longsun 7, 2665 CE
Back to Galadorn
Bloomfury 27, 2665 CE
The Battle of the Broken Kingdom
The Battle of the Broken Kingdom
Bloomfury 26, 2665 CE
An Attempt at Peace
The curse is lifted from Galadorn
  • The group arrives at the Second Grand Council to find the five principalities arrayed against each other across an open battlefield
  • The Duchy of Thrynn and the Margravate of Byrwyll are camped together on the south side of the field, while the Electorate of Wynhall, the Barony of Obardyr and the Earldom of Alyryn are camped together on the north side
  • The party approaches the south camp and speaks with Amblewort Eaglecrest and Sallinous Raemyr, who report that 10 days ago, when the silver light emitted from Galadorn, the nobles knew that the Five Dragons had succeeded and were reluctant to give up their power to the new monarchy; the Elector of Wynhall was the first to leave, followed by the Baron of Obardyr the following day and the Earl of Alyryn the day after that; the Margrave of Byrwyll stayed after having been convinced of the cause by the Five Dragons during the Second Grand Council
  • Lords Amblewort and Raemyr urge the group to visit the opposing forces on a peace mission to avert war, which would devastate the Broken Kingdom
  • Party agrees and visits Virinus at the front lines; he is skeptical of peace, but urges the adventurers to gather intel on the enemies' forces; the group agrees
  • The Five Dragons enter the camp, but are unable to sway the other nobles diplomatically; the elector Vatis Underwood seems to be in charge of things
  • Krestia notices a man among the ranks of Obardyr's soldiers that resembles the description they had of Red Drakecaptain Phlegethon; the group gathers valuable intel on the enemy forces
  • Group returns to their camp; Krestia visits the Old Man With The Canaries and gains some wisdom from him
  • Group plots a raid on the enemy camp later that night to kill/capture Phlegethon
Bloomfury 16-25, 2665 CE
Return to the Second Grand Council
The darkness spreads from Galadorn
Bloomfury 15, 2665 CE
Confronting the Traitor
  • The Five Dragons of the Broken Kingdom proceed into the castle on the highest level of Galadorn; the ghostly blue wall disappears as they approach
  • As they enter the castle, they hear metal scraping against stone; they see a ghost ahead turn a corner; the ghost leads them through the castle to the top of a blasted tower
  • The ghost reveals himself as King Brommius VI; the tower is where he fell to Avalokitasharan over 30 years prior
  • Brommius warns the group that Falgros is in the throne room and controls all the souls in Galadorn through a necrotic vortex, from which he derives his power
  • The Five Dragons venture to the throne room where they encounter Falgros and his zombie minions
  • They destroy the necrotic vortex, releasing all the trapped souls and Falgros' strength diminishes
  • The battle concludes in the throne room with the Five Dragons emerging victorious and slaying the traitor Falgros
  • A bright silver bolt of energy pierces the sky and the cloud cover hovering over the land starts to dissipate; morning sunshine floods the area for the first time in 3 decades
  • Krolar Mithralfist Kettlegard discovers a letter from King Brommius VI to the dwarves of Clan Mithralfist that exonerates them from supposed past misdeeds
  • King Brommius appears and warns the party that war is brewing among the members of the Second Grand Council; group departs immediately
  • En route they retrieve Aldeng Hammerforge and Mullins, who has been nursed back to health; Aldeng mentions Sweetie Palin had run off to steal back a statue they never should have sold

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