Thunderhead, 2664 CE
Day 1: Foreshadowing

Goblin raiders

  • Sweetie Palin, Aldeng Hammerforge, Eraden, Divryn Eresith, Krestia and Coric (tiefling warlock) meet at The Satyr's Delight inn in Outpost after all helped to defend a trade wagon against a goblin raid
  • Group finds saw and hatchet engraved with letters BB on handles
  • Party meets with Sergeant Phineas Bertram, Outpost's lawman
  • Wagon was from the Duchy of Thrynn; Thrynn wagons under constant attack from goblins, while those from the Barony of Obardyr arrive unscathed
  • Sgt. Bertram offers adventurers 100 gp for discovering where the goblins are coming from
  • Outpost one of the last freetowns in the Broken Kingdom, ruled by Burgomaster “Woodfoot” Burkins, who lost his mind
  • Adventurers talk to Sir Roylan (Duke of Thrynn's representative in Outpost) and Sir Athis (Baron of Obardyr's representative); Krestia is promised a letter of introduction from Sir Roylan to the Duke of Thrynn as a reward for defending the wagon
  • Aldeng speaks with Maklyn Bronzebottom and Jaklyn Bronzebottom, dwarven blacksmiths who run the town's general store; party learns that they made the tools discovered on the goblins and sold them to lumberjacks working at the old lumber yard in the Everdark Wood
  • Party defeats goblins in old lumber yard and chases them down into the Everdark Wood, where Krestia is slain by a bugbear; the adventurers bring her body back to temple in Outpost; they discover a letter on the body of a goblin in the lumber yard written in Goblin that reads: Grok, Our spy in Outpost says there is another caravan coming from Thrynn tomorrow.  The boss says capture it and bring the goods to our lair in The Spikes where the Rannmere River meets the mountain.  Be sure to let the caravans from Obardyr pass for that is our arrangement.  Leave no one alive, for this pleases our Fiery Mistress.  Hexer Dooka
  • Halfling priestess Neela Brightwater agrees to resurrect Krestia if they can find elf leader Eldurel and bring his enchanted amulet back to Outpost so that she might restore the mysteriously defaced Glade of Melora
  • Adventurers return to The Satyr's Delight; they show the goblin letter to Sgt. Bertram, who offers another 100 gp to rid them of the goblin problem in The Spikes
  • Sweetie converses more with Sir Athis and tells him about the contents of the letter, except she mentions the goblins intend to attack Obardyr caravans instead; Sir Athis seems surprised and somewhat alarmed by this news

Valiant 1, 2664 CE
Day 2: Ugly Little Lizards


  • Group departs for Everdark Wood to find Eldurel; they are ambushed by a band of elves led by him; group convinces Eldurel to bring his magic amulet to Outpost, but learns that it was stolen by an evil kobold that creates undead in the Wood
  • Eldurel leads party to kobold wyrmpriest's lair and they enter, defeating many undead and killing the kobold and his minions
  • The adventurers find an altar in the wyrmpriest's lair to a red dragon; the altar is covered in dried blood and the body parts of many dead creatures
  • Eraden dies during fight and his body is buried near the lair; party returns the amulet to Eldurel, who accompanies them to Outpost
  • Eldurel uses his amulet to restore the Glade of Melora to its former glory, then departs for the Everdark Wood; Divryn decides to go with him in order to learn the secrets of elven magic; Coric escorts Divryn into the Wood and says he'll return
  • Neela Brightwater promises to perform the raise dead ritual on Krestia the following day, which will take 8 hours to complete
  • Sweetie Palin and Aldeng Hammerforge return to The Satry's Delight; en route they meet Merciless (dragonborn fighter); their meeting is interrupted by shouts from the inn – a group of humans clad in red robes attacks after pointing at Sweetie and shouting "She's the one who stole our most unholy artifact: kill her!"
  • Drugga Snorrison (dwarf paladin) joins the fight against the red-robed figures after hearing cries of battle from inside The Satyr's Delight; the four new companions defeat their assailants
  • Party finds several steel dragon masks on the bodies and a letter that reads: Brother Cordell, We have sent a delegation to The Spikes, the peaks at the heart of the Everdark Wood, to entreaty with the mighty Avalokitasharan.  You are to join them and reinforce their numbers.  However, before you link with the delegation, you must make your way to the hamlet of Outpost.  We have tracked the dragonborn woman to this town and believe she still possesses our most unholy artifact.  Kill this petty thief and bring the artifact to Avalokitasharan as a gift.  It will serve as a powerful bargaining chip in our alliance with her.  Report to me after you have met with the delegation.  Red Drakecaptain Phlegethon
  • Adventurers take Brother Cordell prisoner, who reveals that he is a Cultist of Tiamat; Sergeant Phineas Bertram agrees to hold him in the barracks for questioning in the morning
  • Drugga agrees to join group as he is hunting down these cultists, who destroyed his mountain home; Merciless also agrees as he is seeking funding for some higher purpose

Valiant 2, 2664 CE
Day 3: Journey to The Spikes

Rannmere River

Valiant 3, 2664 CE
Day 4: Into the Woods

Valiant 4, 2664 CE
Day 5: Into the Maw

Ack!  Bugbear!

  • The adventurers climb a series of cataracts and slay a band of goblins in a tide pool; they find a secret entrance behind a waterfall to the goblin lair
  • The group enters the goblin lair and defeats a group of goblins in a guard room near the entrance; they question one goblin, who howls loudly in pain as Merciless tortures him for information; they learn Hexer Dooka works for Underboss Slashgut, leader of the goblins; something called Lava Bite dominates the whole tribe; Drugga sets the poor creature free
  • Group ventures into volcano and finds large cavern filled with rising smoke; they go up ramp that spirals around edge and fight many goblins; they find two of Farmer Crem's abducted children and rescue them, promising to rescue their older sister, who was taken to the top to be sacrificed to an evil creature known as Lava Bite
  • Krestia rejoins the group, escorted to The Spikes by Eldurel and his elven band; Drugga departs to make sure Crem's boys return safely to Outpost
  • Krestia, Aldeng Hammerforge, Sweetie Palin and Merciless venture higher and encounter a band of goblins and a bugbear in the war room, where the adventurers are defeated; Krestia barely escapes and seeks the help of the elves
  • Eldurel and his band storm the goblin lair and rescue Krestia's companions; group rests for night and recovers the next morning

Valiant 5, 2664 CE
Day 6: At The Top Of The Volcano

Hexer Dooka 

  • Group sets off in the morning for the goblin lair once again; party defeats the goblins with their newly reset boulder trap near the kitchen
  • Party makes its way back to the war room, where they find a large table with a map of the surrounding area etched and painted into the surface; the spot thought to be Outpost is surrounded by several groups of tokens, plus one very large token
  • Adventurers venture higher and fight some goblins in a temple to Bane; two other altars to a hobgoblin and a bugbear flank the altar; they hear noises behind a curtain and prepare themselves for battle once more
  • Group fights goblin priest and minions in the Inner Sanctum containing an altar to a red dragon; they find a bloodstained blue dress and Drugga packs it away
  • Venturing higher, adventurers hear the cries of a young girl; they race ahead and come to the top of the volcano, where they find Hexer Dooka and Underboss Slashgut preparing to sacrifice Farmer Crem's daughter Ellona to Lava Bite; the party springs into action and kills all the goblins
  • Party discovers a letter on Underboss Slashgut's body, which reads as follows:


            It has been too long since mighty Avalokitasharan received a sacrifice from your people.  She demands something in the next three days, and not one of your puny goblinkind.  Be swift.

            I have learned from our contact in Outpost that the Cult of Tiamat is sending a delegation to meet with our mighty Avalokitasharan.  I do not know what they have to offer (supposedly knowledge of an artifact), but they are powerful and should be respected.  Show them to the lower dungeon.  I will direct them to our great mistress.  Should they survive, they will prove themselves worthy of an audience with her.

            Finally, I understand a band of rogue adventurers is protecting Outpost from your caravan raids.  This is intolerable.  Do my hobgoblins have to do everything for you?  I'm sure even simple-minded Bruggar would be more capable of handling this situation than you.  Take care of this mess once and for all.  Should they make their way to the volcano, they will surely disrupt all our plans.  Report to me as soon as you deal with them.  Failure is not an option, Slashgut, as it has been so many times with you in the past.  This would ruin mighty Avalokitasharan's plans to bring ruin upon Outpost.

                                                                              Chief Vrugh

  • Before he dies, Hexer Dooka gloats that Ellona's soul now belongs to Bane; the girl is ritually scarred and whispers constantly about how "She" must have "the Unholy Codex" and how "her desire for it is great"
  • Adventurers escort Ellona outside the volcano and travel to the point where Drugga left her brothers Elthis and Elbert with the lumberjacks from Outpost
  • Party leaves Ellona in the care of Eldurel, who takes the child back to Outpost
  • Group rests for the night
Valiant 6, 2664 CE
Day 7: Back to the Volcano
The Hobgoblin Lair
  • Party arrives at the volcano once again by midday and descends
  • Group comes across a large door in the side of the cavern and enter; inside they fight three groups of well-organized hobgoblins and barely defeat them
  • Adventurers rest for night after blocking ladder that leads down with large tables and benches from hobgoblin dining area
Valiant 7, 2664 CE
Day 8: An Unexpected Ally
Symbol of Bane
  • Adventurers descend to next level of hobgoblin complex and find a score of hobgoblins waiting for them; an old warcaster orders one unit to attack the PCs before retiring to his quarters
  • Party dispatches the hobgoblins wearing symbols of Tiamat; those wearing symbols of Bane usher the group into warcaster's quarters
  • All demonstrate strength of body, mind and character to Warcaster T’nak, who agrees to help them and give them information
    • Crimson Axe Clan constantly feuded with elves and eladrin of Everdark Wood
    • Thirty winters ago, Avalokitasharan, red dragon known as Lava Bite, came to the Everdark Wood and forged an alliance with Crimson Axe Clan
    • Elves and eladrin were routed, eladrin electing to retreat to the Feywild, elves opting to stay and fight, causing rift between the two
    • Lava Bite then became god-like figure to Crimson Axe Clan; Chief Vrugh changed worship from Bane to Lava Bite and Tiamat
    • T'nak wants to kill Vrugh and Lava Bite and restore worship of Bane among the Crimson Axe Clan; urges adventurers to work towards common end; T'nak can't risk open war among the hobgoblins, so he will assist the group in completing the task
    • Vrugh resides in his throne room north of the temple; to the west lies the bugbear warren headed by Bruggar; T'nak urges the party to dispatch the bugbears first lest Vrugh call on more allies
    • Warcaster Aktal tends to the temple area; Warcaster Bar'kano is Vrugh's personal attaché; both must be destroyed as well
    • Beyond the throne room lies the tunnel to Lava Bite's lair that passes through the Underdark; stay in the main tunnel, do not stray from the path lest you get lost in the Underdark
    • Several Cultists of Tiamat came just this morning; stocked up on provisions and began the perilous trek to seek Lava Bite; if you hurry you can catch them; they spoke of a female dragonborn possessed of a great artifact – their plan was to kill her and deliver this artifact to Lava Bite
    • You may rest here whenever you require healing
  • Party ventures forth and enters the temple to Lava Bite; fights Warcaster Aktal, several hobgoblin soldiers, and a few summoned devils in a room riddled with lava channels
  • Group fights a squad of drilling hobgoblins; enters the bugbear warren before approaching Chief Vrugh's throne room
  • Adventurers nearly defeated by two groups of bugbears, but emerge victorious; Aldeng's magic amulet stolen by spiretop drake, but recovered after the fight
  • Party decides to rest after fighting bugbears; they return to Warcaster T'nak, who has imprisoned a female tiefling; Krestia convinces T'nak to release her in exchange for helping them defeat Lava Bite and Chief Vrugh; T'nak agrees
  • Nemeia joins the group and party rests for remainder of day
Valiant 8, 2664 CE
Day 9: The Bugbear Champion
  • Group returns to bugbear warren and faces bugbear champion Bruggar and his dire wolf mount; party defeats him and finds a large cache of gold
  • Party exits bugbear warren and bursts into throne room of Chief Vrugh; adventurers are routed by Vrugh, Warcaster Bar'kano, an archer and a squad of grunts
  • Group retreats to the temple of Lava Bite and rests there for a day to recuperate
Valiant 9, 2664 CE
Day 10: A Rout And A Rally

Chief Vrugh 

  • Adventurers return to Chief Vrugh's throne room, where they are ambushed; party defeats the hobgoblin leader and his cronies; they discover a barred entrance to the Underdark and Vrugh's quarters; in addition to the magic Bracers of Archery, the Elven Cloak and the cache of gold in Vrugh's chest, they find several letters of import in his desk:

Valiant 2, 2664 CE

Chief Vrugh,

      I trust your plans for the conquest of the insignificant hamlet of Outpost are proceeding on schedule.  Remember, the attack begins on the ninth day of Valiant, one week hence.  I will decimate their meager forces, while you merely have to occupy the town.  From there, I shall begin my conquest of the Broken Kingdom.  As long as these fractious fiefdoms war with each other, their demise is certain.  Only the heir to the Drakebow can rightfully claim that despicable weapon and unite the Broken Kingdom, but that family has long since perished, and the bow sits safely in my hoard.

      The Cult of Tiamat has requested an audience with me.  While I do respect the Dark Lady of Avarice, know that I am your only goddess, Vrugh.  Still, I will entertain their proposition.  They have already done much with their agent in Outpost to aid in our plans of conquest.  This agent, known as Red Drakecaptain Phlegethon, has promised delivery of a great artifact, the Eye of Tiamat, in exchange for our services to the Cult.  See that his representatives are sent to me safely.

Goddess Avalokitasharan, Slayer of Mortals, Wreaker of Havoc on the Broken Kingdom


Valiant 4, 2664 CE

Chief Vrugh,

      I have learned much about this Phlegethon in the past day.  His troops were responsible for the destruction of [[Thrazduhr-kahl]], the great dwarven fortress to the north.  He personally slew Frutha, priestess of Moradin and keeper of that loathe god's lore.  Apparently, he has learned of the paladin Valomir and his last known whereabouts from her research.  This proves interesting as my own intelligence has determined that the Black Army of the Cult under Black Wyrmsergeant Golbagh has already discovered the location of the Unholy Codex in the Holoroon Marsh.  I delight to see what rivalries and jealousies will ensue from this.

      However, Phlegethon has allowed the Eye of Tiamat to be stolen from the Cult's possession by a dragonborn woman of small skill.  He sends word that this dragonborn will deliver the Eye to me personally.  We shall see if I don't eat her first.  Should this woman enter The Spikes, destroy her at all costs and bring the Eye of Tiamat to me.  Failure is not an option.

Goddess Avalokitasharan, Slayer of Mortals, Wreaker of Havoc on the Broken Kingdom

  • The party notices the sounds of bootsteps approaching and quickly hide the letters in anticipation of meeting with Warcaster T'nak
  • Warcaster T'nak greets the party and imparts several important pieces of information
    • He implores the party to go forth into the Underdark and fight Lava Bite in her lair, at the bottom of the volcano; it is a three-day journey through the lightless tunnels
    • The Cultists of Tiamat departed for Lava Bite's lair three days ago and should be arriving today if they survived; they may have allied with Lava Bite by the time the adventurers arrive, but she may extract payment from them for allegiance
    • T'nak can spare no soldiers in the upcoming fight as the hobgoblin ranks have been decimated and it will take many years to rebuild; however, he does agree to send one scout to lead the party through the Underdark to Lava Bite's lair; his name is Gorbash and he is under strict orders to fight only if his own life is in danger
    • The Warcaster informs the party that an invasion of Outpost was to take place today, but they have eliminated all the ranks of goblins, bugbears and hobgoblins that were to participate in the attack; Lava Bite herself departed early this morning to raze the town, but no one knows what she will do when she gets there and finds no minions to join her in the attack
    • The hobgoblins will provide various supplies including rations, torches, arrows, etc.
    • Lava Bite has a tunnel that leads from her lair to the surface; it takes her minutes to traverse
  • Party rests for the remainder of the day

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