Clan Mithralfist

Clan Mithralfist resides in the Cloudcrown Mountains north of the Broken Kingdom, in the heart of the Trackless Waste.  These hard, scrappy dwarves are noted for their giant-fighting techniques and ability to endure the harsh mountainous terrain.

Centuries of living in the wilder regions of Annoril have given the Mithralfist dwarves unique powers associated with the world's primal forces.  They have come to rely on this close bond with the earth in lieu of a more martial way of life.

The clan is constantly battling the monsters of the Cloudcrown Mountains, particularly the Avalanche Enclave and their increasingly powerful allies.  This war has been faring poorly for the Mithralfist dwarves as of late, prompting them to send out Krolar Mithralfist Kettlegard into the Broken Kingdom in search of allies to help the cause.

Clan Mithralfist lived for many centuries among the dwarves of Thrazduhr-kahl.  They served as the vanguard of the city's main army and constantly volunteered for the most dangerous missions.  However, a rift between the Mithralfists and the dwarves of ruling Clan Hammerforge forced the former into exile in 2213 CE.  According to legend, the Mithralfists were derelict in their duty to protect the city from a goblin horde and were subsequently banished.  Jolar Kettlegard, then leader of the clan and father of Krolar, maintained their innocence throughout the ordeal, but was forced to lead his people into the mountains to seek a new life.

However, recent research by Krolar in the library of Neireus revealed that there is more to the tale.  A traitor may have existed among the Mithralfists 400 years ago that caused the rift between the two clans, sparked by jealousies over custody of the Hammer of Justice.  Proof of this hypothesis was discovered in the ruins of Galadorn where Krolar discovered the correspondence of King Brommius VI, which indicated that the Cult of Tiamat was responsible for the expulsion of the Mithralfist dwarves.  Krolar's clansmen determined that this letter would be enough proof to reform the alliance between the Hammerforges and Mithralfists, and thereby help stave off the attacks of the Avalanche Enclave.

Clan Mithralfist

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