Grand Council

The Grand Council was convened by the nobles of the Broken Kingdom in 2634 CE to resolve their dispute over the line of succession to the kingdom of Aerlynn upon the destruction of the House of Aerlynn by Avalokitasharan.

The Council first met at the castle of the Earldom of Alyryn on Deadleaf 26, 2634 CE and convened every day throughout the winter.  After nearly six months of deliberation, the Grand Council was formally dissolved on Deluge 7, 2635 CE without any resolution.  Each noble walked out of the negotiations save for Lord Amblewort, the Duke of Thrynn.

During this time, many thousands of the Broken Kindgom's citizens gathered outside the meeting venue in the hopes that they would receive succor from their plight after having been ravaged by Lava Bite.  A large refugee camp established itself and waited for the nobles to announce a decree that would help their subjects.  It was a time of great revelry and intrigue.  The refugees disbanded after the Council dissolved without any resolution. 

The Grand Council was the first and last time the nobles of the Broken Kingdom met together in order to peacefully resolve any issue.  A Second Grand Council was planned nearly thirty years later by Lord Amblewort, upon discovering the threat of the Cult of Tiamat with the help of the PCs.

Grand Council

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